Are we guilty?

Are we guilty?

Plastic – Not fantastic!

Plastic Soup: According to The Independent, a British Newspaper, there is a path that is identified in the Pacific Ocean, which is a layer of trash floating on the sea and is roughly 80% plastic. This patch is twice the size of the continental United States. This patch is popularly known as the Plastic Soup.

Plastic can easily be declared an epidemic. Plastic world, plastic faces and plastic smiles. Although these examples are figurative, even literally, everything we see, touch and feel today is plastic. The frame of the monitor you are looking at is plastic, the keyboard you use, mouse, the bottle you drink water from, chairs and practically everything we use. Plastic has revolutionised the world and has invaded our lives. Sadly, it is creating such an adverse effect on the environment to the point of being irreversible. The prominence of plastic pollution is correlated with plastics being inexpensive and durable.

Plastic pollution is not only a problem for the earth but is bad for our health as well. Plastic does not degrade. Even after a 500 – 1000 years, it leaves behind small particles called plastic dust which is making way into our food now. Some of the compounds in plastic are found to have altered hormones and has other potential health effects on humans. Did you know that over the last ten years, we have produced more plastic than the whole of the last century?

Manufacturing plastic emits considerable amounts of pollution and the product is non – bio degradable. In other words, it is difficult to produce and nearly impossible to get rid of once produced.

  • Over 1 Trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide.
  • 1 Million Plastic bags are used every minute.
  • A single plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to degrade.
  • Plastic bags remain toxic even after they break down.
  • Every square mile of the ocean has about 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in it.

 It is highly impossible to say do not use plastic and stop manufacturing plastic. We have reached a point when we cannot imagine eliminating plastics from our lives completely but we must ensure that the plastic we use does not abuse the environment. As much as possible, we must reuse plastic.

What you can do to reduce plastic pollution:

  1. Use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Or carry your own plastic bags to the supermarket or when you go shopping.
  2. Use glass jars for storage instead of plastic.
  3. Prefer to buy products that are packaged in boxes or paper than in plastic.


Death on Track

Death on Track!

“Ten minutes ago, I kissed him good bye to school and he waved back at me. Little did I know it was his last good bye.” A mother recollects sobbing inconsolably at the loss of her son in the gory school bus accident on July 24.

 The school bus which was dragged by a train for almost a kilometre at an unmanned railway crossing was the topic of discourse for long time for the fatality the negligence it had caused. Out of the 38 children in the bus, 25 had succumbed to this accident most of who died on the spot. The sight of the mangled bus is heart wrenching. Some reports suggest that the driver was talking on his mobile phone while driving which is an obvious violation.

The Railway authorities blamed the deceased school bus driver for negligence. The villagers blamed the railway authorities of not making it a manned crossing despite their repeated pressure.

From a neutral SHE perspective, let’s look at the unattended hazards involved in this accident:

  1. The railway crossing was unmanned.
  2. Trains are supposed to slow down when they approach unmanned railway crossing, which was not the case.
  3. There was construction activity in order to make the railway crossing manned which blocked the view of the driver.
  4. The driver and the helper should have ensured there is no train crossing their path that moment.
  5. The driver was using his phone while driving.
  6. The school authorities must ensure compliance to safety standards while driving.

Working safely makes financial sense:

Although the lost lives of innocent children cannot be restored, the government has announced an ex gratia of Rs 5 Lakhs to each of the families of the deceased. Considering the number of the deceased the amount that has been released as ex gratia is substantial.

If we take into consideration all the accidents at unmanned railway crossing in India and the amount released as relief for this, the amount will be even bigger. With lesser capital, the crossings can be manned and made safe saving both lives and money.

Reckless Raju

Raju came to work on a Monday morning after having a relaxed Sunday. With his renewed energy, he was sure to impress his clients with his work this week. He had his plan and timeline sorted out and was all set to make this week a productive one.

An email landed in his inbox asking him to attend a Fire training the following day for an hour. He brushed it aside disinterestedly and looked at seemingly more important emails. He was not ready to spend his time on anything else apart from his work. He nicely stacked all his important documents on the table and took pride at analysing how much work he has completed. On Wednesday, while Raju was busy at work, he could smell something. He did not pay much attention and continued working. His team rushed into his room and alerted him of a fire and ran out disappearing. He took a few seconds to realise what was happening and ran for his life ultimately.

He did not know which way to run and where to find the emergency alarm. Soon he remembered there was one in his room and ran back to his room. He found his room in a smoky mess. His neatly piled stack of documents were on fire. He did not know how to save them from turning into ashes. Composing himself, he realised there was no way he can ring the alarm as his room was engulfed in fire. He turned around to go back to the corridor to walk out and he saw that the corridor was too smoky to walk through it. He managed to reach the emergency exit only to realise that in the previous week he had placed a cupboard against the emergency exit and so his escape was blocked. His head started to spin imagining himself being burnt down. He rushed back to his room which was a relatively better place to be at.

He then heard violent tapping on the window and he opened it to see the fire respondents come to rescue him. He was safely taken out of his room through the window and was administered first aid.

The next week when work resumed, Raju was apologetic to his client while explaining to him the fire that broke out at his work place which is why work had to be redone furthering the delay.

In his mind, he was guilty of bypassing multiple safety systems due to mere carelessness. He promised himself never to bypass safety systems merely to save time.

Why I think Men can multi task!

In one boring moment, a realisation dawned on me which breaks the stereotype that Men cannot Multi – task. This is not a break through study on men which proves a point, just an observation. Here’s why I think Multi – tasking is also a man’s strength but in a different way. I will take the liberty of calling men to be Useless multi taskers. Implying that they multi task for not very useful tasks.

While a woman is known for being a super multi tasker and a lot of studies prove that! Here is a gag on men. LOL. Some of the quick points that come to my mind when I think of Men and Multi tasking are here below:

Men can smoke while driving and some of them also manage to be drunk while listening to music and they also lech at women as and when they come across them.All this while being behind the wheel.

Men can chat on multiple windows with girls and boys and also manage to talk to somebody across the table while looking on the screen of their mobiles or tablets.

Men can be with one woman and think about a million others in their head and still manage to be perfectly normal with the one they are sitting with. 

Men can take a dump while read a magazine and also think about (un)important issues.

The worst kind of men  go around with multiple women at one time while cheating on all of them.  

Who said they cannot multi task? They can. Period. it is just that they prefer to use their ability for less important tasks. 

This write up can be called as a result of frustration, feministic overpowerment or just something. 

Okay, I am out of here.

I am in the right place


For all the patient wait for Mr Right, I have found mine and it couldn’t have gotten any better. He did not come on a white horse back dressed like a knight but nevertheless arrived and what an arrival it was!

I first met my husband at my workplace. It was my first job and my first day to work gave me the regular jitters of being introduced to the big bad professional world. I did not know what was right to say and what was not, how to interact with my colleagues, like friends or be formal like professionals; I had my doubts if I was fulfilling my responsibilities in a way I was expected to. A midst this ambivalent time, came in a person who amused me totally. I could say from the first time I met him that he secretly admired me.

He looked at me like a midnight thief and smiled sheepishly when he was caught noticing. He would create conversations out of nothing just to make me react to his advances. I became greedy, I wanted all his love and attention to myself for a lifetime. I fell, fell too hard for him and now I know I am in the right place. After almost a year of courtship, we got married. And this is not the end, it was the beginning of a fairy tale.

One smile of his makes my heart melt even today, post – four months of marriage. Not a thing has changed; we only came closer, I love him more passionately now. His arms are where I feel at home and his voice is what my ears yearn to always hear. Marriage has put us in challenging situations at times, but our mutual understanding and love has brought us this far. I know there will be more troubles, challenges and strife coming our way, and I know my love for him will also change. Change for good, I see it multiplying exponentially everyday to a point of madness and it satiates me when I see it being reciprocated.


I notice the numerous sacrifices he makes to keep me comfortable, the interest he takes in making things feasible for the two of us, the glisten in his eyes when I do something for him, his concern when I am tired and sleepy. The numerous little things which are all perhaps what we girls want. I’ve got the perfect pick and I have decided to love him in a way that others will be jealous and also scared to burst our happy bubble.

Marriage has indeed done good to me! <3

A special teacher for a special child


“I have a tough job in my hand, but I enjoy doing it” said K.V Mythili on being asked about her profession as a teacher. She is a teacher who handles children every day at school and has a tougher job than usual as she handles two special children in her class. One is suffering from autism while the other is a hyper active child. Nisha* who is ten years old is the protagonist of this story. She studies in a normal school as other children and she is loved by her friends dearly. Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.

Nisha said “My favorite teacher is Miss Mythili. I love her very much. She gives me chocolates and drops me home every day.” Her admiration for her teacher glistens in the child’s eyes. Listening to the teacher’s name lightened up Nisha’s face and she wouldn’t stop showering praises for her teacher. The teacher’s extra affection for the child is seen in her giving Nisha chocolates most of the time. The rapport that Nisha and her teacher share is commendable. Miss Mythili, like her students call her said that she enjoys her profession thoroughly and she especially likes teaching children like Nisha. “My personality underwent a total change when I came across Nisha. I do not have children of my own; my affection for Nisha being more than the other teachers can be traced back to this reason. She is a huge part of my life as she taught me patience and perseverance and lot of other values.” It is very important for the teacher of such students to constantly keep in touch with parents to enhance teaching. It is only through the mutual co operation of the student, parents and the teacher that a difference can be brought about.

Nisha is a gifted child, though she is not considered normal she is the topper of the class and is teachers’ pet. The teachers love teaching her and see her excel. It gives them that adrenaline rush to see her grow up and cope up fast with the other children in her class. Her good handwriting, excellent memory skills and flawless answer sheets are what impress her teachers. No person would be able to guess that she is autistic by reading her answer paper. Her intellectual abilities are worth appreciating and her growth is evident in terms of all round development.

Teaching has changed over the years and the methods that were used earlier are considered archaic today. The present day teaching systems were perhaps unimaginable even five decades ago. The relationship that teachers and students share has changed drastically these days; Corporal punishment is undoubtedly out of question and verbal admonition also has to be avoided as much as possible. Listening was the only activity the students had to do in classes earlier but these days students learn by doing said Miss Mythili. Students find hope and trust in their teachers completely which is why some of them also share their personal problems with them. Sometimes when Nisha was angry with her mom for shouting at her, she shared it with her favorite teacher and found solace there.  Freedom is not something that only adolescents demand for, students in Mythili Miss’ class also demand freedom to walk around in class and feel at home even in class.  Nisha loves the comments that her teacher writes on her report card or test papers. They boost her zeal to study and shine.

In today’s fast paced world, when everything has to be done intantly, children like Nisha are a definite cause of worry. Her parents worried about Nisha having a normal childhood with friends; outcasting Nisha from the group was the major concern they had but there was no need to worry. Nisha is a lucky girl, her friends are extremely compassionate and they do not leave her alone. Her teacher Mythili keeps an eye on her all the time and made other students treat her normally as well.  Nisha is blessed with an amazing teacher who has ensured her a normal childhood. She could grow, learn and adapt what she taught Nisha and improve greatly on her personality as well.  Miss Mythili is an integral part of Nisha’s life and her parents thank their stars for bringing in such a wonderful mentor for their daughter. Nisha is indeed lucky. Like Miss Mythili is a big part of Nisha’s life so is Nisha an important part of the teachers life as well. Miss Mythili finished the conversation by saying “I am extremely proud of Nisha”, hoping for her to get into this big bad world as a normal girl.

*Name changed on request

Marriage – a stereotype

I heard it again two days ago! The lines I dread the most, and this time, what’s worse is that I heard it from my husband.

Ever since I remember, as a child,  I have heard men in movies, serials, parties, public places, offices and every other place have the same thing to say about marriage. The usual question from friends “So, How’s married life?” and the so called new ‘victim’ replies “You know how it is after marriage” and laughter explodes. Somehow, this made me uncomfortable, I knew I will be a wife one day and I swore to myself that I will ensure that my husband wouldn’t say that. I got married. I was posed with the same question umpteen times and I chose to brush it aside by saying, “yeah, its going good.”

I, very consciously suppressed all my womanly feelings of attention – grabbing, jealousy, suspicion, domination and every other ‘wifely feeling’ so as to not be labelled as a stereotype wife who chokes her husband’s freedom. My Husband is a happy man, with me as well (at least, I think so). We have our own individual lives and a lovely life together. We rarely fight and have funny arguments but reconcile in seconds. I consider our relationship to be healthy and happy. Yet, the other day, we met my husband’s friend V and he popped the usual “How’s married life?” question and to my astonishment, my husband said “You know what its like after marriage” and laughed! I was shattered. All my efforts through all these months seemed nothing. It took me about two minutes to compose and get myself to senses again.

I wondered what had gone wrong! I gave him all the freedom and space, all that he wanted, what might I have missed? After almost 24 hours of contemplation, I realized that Men will be Men. No matter how good their life is, in a friends circle, laughing at the same old sexist joke is what makes them laugh. And like men will be men, women will be women, While I am complaining about men complaining to their male friends, I now realise that I am complaining too.  

Yes I am aware that women and men are different, think differently, expect different things and speak different languages, however, this write up is my way of expressing my distress, a woman’s expression. Hence, I conclude, that marriage and everything it brings along with it including associated conversation is a stereotype.